The island wedding has always been the ultimate destination for nuptials. An island or beach wedding can create a story from start to finish, filled with all of your friends and characters from stories past and present. Make your event memorable with lots of island intrigue and classic, comfortable details for the big day. Finding the perfect destination is important for your island wedding, but simply not complete without Island Company complements for your special event.

Once you've decided on your exotic locale, it's time to outfit the beautiful girls and handsome men who are going to be your supporting characters with you and your new partner—the centerpiece of this great story. Expect intimate, wild, happy, fun-filled moments against the setting sun in the warm ocean waters and standing on balconies enjoying gentle coconut breezes. Late night beach rendezvous, sand in your toes, and singing to your favorite songs, now is the time to indulge in the island life that makes a beach wedding so memorable.

Find the perfect complements to such an amazing storybook chapter in your life by setting the atmosphere with outfits of intrigue, glamour, pastel comfort, clean whites, and perfect fit and feel for this once in a lifetime gathering. Framed against this tropical adventure, the Island Company wedding collection is perfectly designed for this locale. Explore our selection of linen shirts, linen pants, and relaxed ties for the groomsmen, flowing bridesmaid dresses, and of course beach wedding dresses for the bride, all completed by gifts and island clothes for your guests.

Breathe it in, indulge in the moment, enjoy the memories. escape… travel… live. Your moment is now.

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