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necker island

Sir Richard Branson bought this island beach in 1978 for $180,000—now staying there for a week costs almost as much. Necker Island is the ultimate destination for private exclusivity; rent one room or rent the whole island, either way you will find that few places on earth compare to this paradise. This is the choice pick for many a superstar, having catered to the likes of Kate Winslet, Eddie Murphy, Geena Davis, Kate Moss, Robert DeNiro, Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter, and Nelson Mandela. Be prepared to bring the fun to Necker as Sir Richard is known for his exuberant on island hospitality.

why we love it

  • scenic
  • beach
  • pool
  • food/bar
  • spa

Quite plainly, Necker Island is the representation of every human’s dream: owning a piece of paradise. Merging many different island styles and cultures, you won’t spend one second bored. World class rooms, views, watersports, beaches and sunsets, Necker Island is an experience that can only be described as excellent and unmatched.

Pricing: $$$$$

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best spots to

escape off the island

  • Bitter End Yacht Club

    A premiere beach front setting, BEYC offers visitors an exclusive yet casual experience. A great little getaway, dinner on the beach here can't be beat!

  • Full Moon Party

    Bomba's Beach Shack: if you happen to be in the area on a full moon, this is the place to be... but be careful, it's a real party.

  • The Baths

    Great for a day date getaway, The Baths is a coastal trail of granite boulders and sheltered natural pools on Virgin Gorda's north shore.

  • Sailing

    Whether sailing Hobie Cats, windsurfing, or kiteboarding, the winds and waters of the BVIs are perfect to get out and explore on.

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